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Master Tutor: To Be, or Not to Be

By Victoria Andrews, Master Tutor

Master Tutor: To Be or Not to Be

If that is the question, I would have to say YES!

I have been a Master Tutor (MT) with the TECHniques Center for three semesters and although I am SOO excited to graduate, I am really sad that at the end of this semester I will have to say goodbye to both my position as a MT and the TECHniques Center. AND, I am not the only MT that is graduating this semester; in fact six out of seven of the current MTs are graduating. This means that there are at least six spots the counselors are going to have to fill with new Master Tutors and I want to encourage all qualifying tutors* to apply to be a Master Tutor!


*To be a qualifying tutor, you must have been a tutor for two consecutive semesters, completed CRLA Level 2 certification, and be in good standing with the counselors.*


Probably like most tutors, when I first applied to be a Master Tutor, I honestly had no idea what the job really entailed. To be honest, I just thought I would get a fancy title and help counselors run team meetings, but oh was I wrong! Not to scare away any potential new MTs, but it is WAYYYY more than that. However, that is why I am writing this blog, to help give all potential MTs a clear picture of what being an MT really means.

I have grown so much more, both personally and professional, than I ever expected and I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.

Almost everything that occurs at the TC, the MTs play a vital role in, including beginning of the semester training, monthly team meetings, student-tutor appreciation days, fostering tutor development, fundraisers, desk shifts, new tutor interviews and much more.

So before we get into all of that, lets talk about some of the general things a Master Tutor does!

  • You must be able to commit between 15-20 hours a week to the TC! I know that sounds like a lot, but I promise it’s totally do-able with a little time management and a lot of organization!
  • Be a part of a team! Collaboration, not competition!
  • Constant communication. I can guarantee you will talk to the other MTs and the counselors every single day.
  • Be able to mentor others and help develop positive skills.
  • Anticipate the needs of others and help the TC run smoothly!
  • Be a top-notch tutor!
  • Brainstorm awesome fundraising ideas, team building activities, monthly meetings topics, and other special events throughout the semester!
  • Prepare and lead trainings for other tutors!
  • Care for your workplace by keeping it stocked and looking neat.
  • Be a welcoming and friendly face of the TC!
  • Provide feedback and strategies to help other tutors succeed!

While this is nowhere near a complete list of things a Master Tutor does, it covers some of the really important stuff!

This may sounds like a lot of responsibility but I can promise it is all worth it! In my three semesters as a MT, I have gained so much out of this job, it is unreal, from professional skills to lasting friendships. Being an introvert, I HATED speaking in front of people, but the team trainings and monthly meetings took me out of my comfort zone and I actually enjoy leading trainings now. As an MT, I gained experience conducting interviews, providing others with constructive criticism, and organizing events. There are very few jobs as a college student that offers such a wide variety of opportunities for professional development. Just think of all the experience you would have over other college students and how marketable those experiences are to future employers or grad schools. For example, I recently interviewed with Kansas State’s College of Veterinary Medicine and the interviewers were so impressed that as an undergrad student I had experience doing these things. While professional growth is definitely something that this job encourages, being an MT also provides you will the opportunity to work with and get to know some amazing people. The relationships I have built at the TC with the other MTs and the counselors is not something I will soon forget. The MTs have provided great friendships and the counselors are wonderful mentors, supporters, and ultimately the most caring people around.

So to wrap things up, if you are considering being an MT, I would like to encourage you to give it a shot! All of the hard work you put in will definitely be worth it! I have grown so much more, both personally and professional, than I ever expected and I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.

If you want more information, feel free to track down any of the current MTs or a counselor. Applications are open and due April 21st. See Kyla for further information!



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