12 Pieces of Advice You Need If You Are Taking a Summer Class

Summer 1 flew by! Students and tutors worked with rapid determination and the five weeks of concentrated learning yielded success across the board! Evidence of the hard work is still streaked across our white board walls in various colors from the constant flurries of formulas and concepts.

We used one of these white boards as a public opinion poll by posing the question: “Summer 1 veterans, please share what advice you have for Summer 2 students?” Here are the 12 responses (varying in levels of serious application)

  1. “Buy books before classes start.”


Since summer courses are fast-paced it is necessary to be prepared day one for the first reading assignment and/or homework assignment.


2. “Plan to take the bus before the one you actually need. #anticipate”


It is always better to be 10 minutes early than 10 minutes late. Especially if there is an attendance quiz.


3. “If there is an opportunity to get ahead with studying classwork – DO IT.”


There will most likely be new content presented each day of class. Stay ahead of the information to avoid feeling like you are constantly playing catch up.


4. “Don’t neglect reading your books! Especially in online courses.”


You may have been able to skim over reading material during a long semester class, but the concentrated nature of summer classes requires you to be responsible for your understanding of the content in your assigned reading.


5. “Periodically check your email/Blackboard/homework throughout the day (even on weekends) because time is much more precious in summer session. You don’t want to miss a surprise quiz or homework assignment!”


Assignment scheduling oftentimes looks a lot different over the summer. Don’t be surprised if you have things due over the weekend. Good communication with your professor is more valuable than ever.


6. “BALANCE! Build and plan time for school and fun!”


Avoid burnout by giving yourself time to rest and have fun. Don’t neglect your normal needs. Say “yes” to summertime leisure with friends.


7. “Reward hard studying with trips to the leisure pool or with the gelato from the SUB (it’s A+).”


Setting up incentives for productivity will help you stay motivated during the constant flow of assignments and exams.


8. “Take the time to practice scheduling/organizational techniques you can use in the fall!”


Trying new ways to stay organized in your life during this short time will empower you to maintain and build upon better patterns during the school year.


9. “Just do it!”


Don’t waste time thinking about how it’s going to feel when you are doing work. Use that time and energy to actually do work.


Brief disclaimer: the following “words of wisdom” may or may not be relevant or important to your academic success. Here are the unedited pieces of advice from your summer 1 peers.

10. “Just keep swimming!”


Sometimes it’s okay to take advice from an animated fish.

11. “Wear sunscreen!”


This is one of those lessons you don’t want to learn the hard way.

12. “Wash your fruit before you eat it.”

4_wash fruit_Thomas Klee-Shutterstock

There is probably an uncomfortable story behind this random health warning.

 “Believe in the power of the Jackrabbit!”                                              (we didn’t number this one because we are not sure it should count)


We don’t know what this means. Take it or leave it. Actually, just leave it.



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