Roundups · Thoughts from Counselors

Welcome Back!

We want to welcome all of our students and tutors back for the Fall 2016 semester! We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead of us. The TECHniques Center has been buzzing with excitement and anticipation as students are beginning to meet with their tutors. Students are excited to be back on campus, and tutors are fresh off of an incredible 2-day tutor training that kicked off the semester to a great start. We think the Fall 2016 semester will be the best one yet, and we can’t wait for what is in store!

Some of the 2016 TECHniques Center staff at our New Student Orientation:

3 men and 4 women smile, with their hands in the "guns up" motion.

One of our Master Tutors, David, led a “mind-blowing” presentation on learning and the brain!

A bunch of tutors in training smiling and acting like their mind is blowing up with knowledge

We can’t wait for the year to get rolling! Come on by the TECHniques Center and say, “Hi!”


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