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Master Tutor Spotlight – Spencer Fuston

By Spencer Fuston – Master Tutor

Hello everyone!

My name is Spencer Fuston and I am a junior Geosciences major with a concentration in Geology as well as a minor in Geophysics. I am expected to graduate a semester early in December 2017. After graduation, I plan to begin a graduate degree in Geology with the ultimate goal of pursuing a career in exploration petroleum geology. My wonderful fiancé, Madison, will be transitioning into dental school at the same time and we are very excited to take the next steps in our educations and lives together!

A young man with glasses is smiling.When I am not at the TECHniques Center I spend my time conducting undergraduate research, playing drums/ percussion in worship services at church, and supporting the Texas Tech Red Raiders on game day! I spent my first two years at Tech playing quads in the Texas Tech Drumline, Zeta Iota Tau. The last of which I served as the quads section leader. Aside from that, my fiancé, Madison, and I enjoy exploring Lubbock and going to the local drive-in movie theatre and corn maze!


I am in my third semester as a tutor at the TECHniques Center and my first as a Master Tutor. Helping both students as well as my fellow tutors achieve more than they thought possible is what inspires me, and is what makes working at the TECHniques Center such an awesome opportunity! Go Team Yellow!


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