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Master Tutor Spotlight – Landon Breeding

By Landon Breeding – Master Tutor


My name is Landon Breeding. This is my third semester to tutor at the TECHniques Center and my first semester to serve as a master tutor. My hometown is Midland, Texas. Prior to coming to Texas Tech, I attended Abilene Christian University for three years where I was pursuing a degree in general engineering. After deciding a more specific degree would be beneficial to my career, I transferred to Texas Tech in June of 2015 to pursue a degree in petroleum engineering. I anticipate to graduate in May of 2018. Deciding to work at the TECHniques Center upon transferring has been one of the best decisions I have made and I am very happy to be here!

Outside of class and work I enjoy being on the go. Although I claim Midland, Texas as my hometown, I lived in Egypt, Norway, and Malaysia when I was young. This experience allowed me to really enjoy traveling. Whether it be weekend trips across the state or trips oversees I always enjoying seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. I also enjoy any activity that allows me to be outside. Besides the wind… I think Lubbock has great weather and I try to make the most of it! When I just want a quiet night to myself, I am a huge fan of “The Office.” I’ve probably seen every episode twice and they still crack me up.


A young man handing out t-shirts, looking very excited with his arms raised
Landon Breeding is in his first year as a Master Tutor at the TECHniques Center

Working at the TECHniques Center has been an extremely rewarding experience. My favorite part about tutoring is watching growth, both personally and academically, during the course of the semester. Not only do our students grow but our tutors grow as well! I have learned more about myself than I would have ever imagined. The TECHniques Center also has a terrific staff that helps both their tutors and students find success. I have enjoyed working at the TC and I look forward to continuing to work here in semesters to come!

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