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Master Tutor Spotlight – Peter Carlson

By Peter Carlson – Master Tutor

I like to pretend I’m studying abroad when I’m in Lubbock because I was raised in Newmarket, NH. I’ve grown to enjoy it here, though I do miss moisture, trees and bodies of water at times. Lubbock has its own allure, a certain flat vastness that can’t be duplicated by New England geography, and warm Southern hospitality. Before going to TTU, I never saw so many doors held open.

A young man in a baseball cap stares over a scenic overlook
Peter Carlson is in his first semester as a Master Tutor


I major in mathematics and minor in English, with plans to graduate in May 2017.

Lubbock, Texas. Dry and flat.

Lots of flies. Lots of stray cats.

Lots of girls and guys that despise math.

Why’s that?

I think it’s got to be the trigonometry,

But honestly, if you don’t know it,

Exponents are annoying, I’ve noticed.

It’s that hatred that keeps the concepts related,

But could they be related in some other way?

I suppose they both oscillate,

If you’re working with a negative exponent base.

Like negative one, raised to some,

Natural number, we’ll call “n” just for fun.

If “n” is even, the function is one.

If “n” is odd, it’s negative one.

Now consider cosine, used to measure triangle sides,

Unrelated to multiplying something by itself, right?

Our good friend cosine of “n” times pi,

Equals one and negative one in a similar style.

So the functions are equal, trig and exponential.

Who knew that math could be so simple?

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