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Welcome Back to Texas Tech!

The Texas Tech "Double T" LogoStrive for honor, evermore.

Long live the Matadors!

-Texas Tech Matador Song

The campus of Texas Tech is once again buzzing with student activity! What was once empty halls and sidewalks are now full of eager students, emboldened by a fresh semester to achieve their dreams. We are so excited to have our students and tutors at the TECHniques Center back on campus, and we are looking forward to a successful semester! Below are a few things to keep in mind as we start a new semester!

  • As a student, make sure you know and understand your accommodations! You can easily view and request your accommodations through the online system. Remember, once you sent these electronic letters of accommodations, you must follow up with an office hours appointment with the professor or TA to discuss how these accommodations will be implemented.  If you have any questions about accommodations, the Student Disability Services Department will be happy to help! Give them a call at (806) 742-2405 or stop by 335 West Hall.
  • Tutors are currently contacting students to set up initial meetings at the TECHniques Center and set up their schedule. Check your phone and email! It is a good habit to check your email at least twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. Return all texts and emails promptly.  Checking and responding to emails is important because professors will also email vital course information and assignments throughout the semester!
  • Take advantage of the start of the semester! Often, classes start with a lower course load (or if you are lucky, you have a syllabus day!). Use this downtime to enter assignments and test dates into your planner, read ahead, get organized, and develop a study routine. A little preparation now means less procrastination later, which leads to better grades!
  • As Academic Counselors, we are here to help. Whether you have a question about the TECHniques Center or Texas Tech, let us know! You can call or email your Academic Counselor with any questions or feel free to drop by during our open hours. We are excited to see both new and returning faces!

Thank you for choosing the TECHniques Center to help support you and your dreams. Together, we will “Strive for Honor” and make this the best semester yet. Welcome back!

A large tree outside of West Hall, where the TECHniques Center is located
The TECHniques Center resides within West Hall, located near the front of the beautiful campus at Texas Tech University

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