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Master Tutor Spotlight: Lindyn Davis

By Lindyn Davis – Master Tutor

Hey Y’all!

My name is Lindyn Davis and I am currently a senior here at Texas Tech! I have been with the Techniques center for the past 3 semesters and this is my first semester serving as a Master Tutor.

a woman stands in a canyon
Lindyn enjoys all types of outdoor activities!

I am majoring in Anthropology with a concentration in forensics and osteology, minoring in Health Professions and completing an Equine Management Certificate with the college of Animal Science. Throughout my time here at Tech, I have strived to get myself involved with the things I love. This led me to the unique opportunity of competing on the Texas Tech Equestrian Team and even working as an assistant to the 54th Masked Rider and Masked Rider Program. Moreover, I have been given opportunities to represent my school as a Red Raider Camp Counselor and as a part of the President’s Gender Equity Board’s Institute for Young Women Leaders.

two women stand next to a horse with a rider on top of the horse
Lindyn served as an assistant to the 54th Masked Rider at Texas Tech

In my free time, I enjoy getting outside. Whether it be riding horses, hiking, fishing, or simply sitting in the park reading a good book, I am always up for an adventure! One of my other favorite things to do is explore the various restaurants we have here in Lubbock. So, if you are ever needing a restaurant suggestion, I am your girl!

The TECHniques Center is like another home to me. No matter how my day has gone, I know that as soon as I walk into the TECHniques Center, it is only going to get better. The students and counselors are a great joy to work with and I couldn’t be happier or prouder to be a part of anything else!


One thought on “Master Tutor Spotlight: Lindyn Davis

  1. Super proud to have you represent TTU! You seem very passionate about your work, and I bet you do a wonderful job with everything you do! Keep it up, Lindyn Willow!

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