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2017 Starch Madness: Recap and Results

Starch Madness 2017 – by Peter Carlson, Master Tutor

It’s been a great semester at the TECHniques Center, as the center hosted the first ever TC Starch Madness Tournament. The three-day tournament showcased the paper ball throwing abilities of the TECHniques’ tutors, students and counselors. Each tutor received 5 shots, with opportunities for a bonus shot. At the end of each day, each team’s 3-best scores were combined for a team score. Below is the day-by-day recap of how the tournament unfolded, and how Team Purple arose victorious.

Tuesday 3/7

The tournament began with a rollercoaster of a first round. Yellow was blown out by Teal, while Orange managed a 2-point win over Grey. Purple barely escaped Red, managing a 1 point victory in a 10 to 9 shootout. The Admin Team was tied with Green at 6:00 pm, so a sudden-death coin toss overtime was inevitable. The Admin Team won the toss, advancing to the next round.

Wednesday 3/8

The four eliminated teams formed a side-bracket as a consolation prize. At the end of the day, Yellow and Grey both suffered their second losses, resulting in elimination from the tournament. Landon Breeding helped Green stay in the consolation tournament with a 6 point, TC scoring-record performance.

In the semi-final round, Purple handily defeated Teal, as the Admins tied their opponent again, forcing another overtime. The Admins and Orange combined for a whopping 22 points. The Admin Team didn’t come out as lucky on their second coin toss, and Orange sent them to the consolation tournament.

Thursday 3/9

The four teams that each suffered only one loss in the past two days; Green, Admin, Red and Teal; faced off in an all-for-one battle royale. Red held a daunting 5-point lead over Teal in the afternoon, but Teal’s Tristan Kisor tied up the game with a clutch 5 shot flurry. The impressive late day shooting of Teal forced an overtime between the two teams, and those Blue-Tinted Bandits managed to take home the win. Thus, the consolation tournament ended with Teal as the victor, snagging that bronze third place prize.

On the main bracket, scoring giants Purple and Orange met in the championship round. Both teams boasted 10 points per day, pulling up the 7.5 points per day tournament average. In the final round, Orange consistently scored 3 points per player, while Purple’s Master Tutor, David Johnson, threw up a 5-point scoring effort, lifting his team within reach of the trophy. As the clock expired, the teams had accumulated 9 points each, resulting in the fifth overtime of the tournament.

The Championship Round demanded a more exciting overtime than a coin toss, so the Counselors of both teams, Purple’s Katie Ericson and Orange’s Kyla Shannon, faced off in a shootout. The rules were simple: Counselors alternate shooting, and the first to score wins, unless the losing Counselor makes a redemption shot. Katie Ericson, the Lavender Leader, sunk the second shot of the shootout. Kyla’s shot fell short, concluding Orange’s championship run. The Purple Team won the battle of the undefeated, crowning themselves as the first TECHniques Center Starch Madness Champions. David Johnson tallied 12 points over the course of the week, with an impressive 5-point performance in the finals, earning himself the Starch Madness 2017 MVP Award.

A tournament bracket that shows Team Purple winning the championship
Team Purple was the winner of Starch Madness



A bracket that shows Team Teal winning the consolation bracket
Team Teal was the winner of the Consolation Bracket


Top Scoring Teams








10+ Point Club


David Johnson


Landon Breeding


Taylor Fortney


Matthew McCutchen


Bo Radulovic


Brittany Pauly


TC Starch Madness proved to be an exciting tournament, with participation from 44 tutors and counselors, and even more students. Thank you to everyone that competed. Congratulations to Team Purple, the 2017 Starch Madness Champion!

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