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An Open Letter to the TECHniques Center

By Rachel Onishi, Academic Counselor

Hi! My name is Rachel Onishi. I spent 2013- 2015 as a TECHniques Center tutor and 2015-2018 as an Academic Counselor. This is a letter I wrote in honor of the past 5 incredible years I have had the privilege of being a part of this beautiful program.

Thank you for finding me as a junior scrolling through TECHannounce looking for a job when I should have been paying attention in class.

Thank you for seeing my potential before I could see it in myself and hiring me as a tutor when I had no previous experience in tutoring.

Thank you for providing mentorship from counselors who invested in me and support from peers who shared their journey as developing young professionals.

Thank you for the variety of students I had the privilege to work with. Thank you for each of those incredible individuals who taught me just as much as I attempted to impart to them.

Thank you for the endless flow of coffee, for popcorn Fridays, and for pizza parties.

Thank you for every single significant moment of student growth or breakthrough.

Thank you for every vocab word and formula explained across whiteboard walls and tables. Thank you for inspiring donor generosity for those resources to exist in the first place.

Thank you for the overflowing brag wall, funny comments on the hallway discussion board, sincere handwritten notes, and surprise appreciation days.

Thank you for inviting me onto the Academic Counselor team upon graduation and trusting me to lead and empower tutors in the same ways I had so benefitted.

Thank you for being a safe space for healing tears and laughter freely echoed down the hall.

Thank you for defining kindness, assertiveness, boundaries, and integrity to countless young soon-to-be professionals.

Thank you for being a safe place to fail and experience the grace needed to learn from it.

Thank you for every graduate who may have once thought “college isn’t for me.” Thank you for every personal and academic victory that led to that degree.

Thank you for the friendships that endure beyond these walls.

Thank you for making “goodbye” really hard.

Don’t ever change.


Rachel Onishi headshot
The author, Rachel Onishi



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