Jazz Music, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and the TECHniques Center

What do these three things have in common you ask?  Well not much, except for the fact that I was able to incorporate all three of them this past weekend.  I was able to attend the AHEAD annual management institute in New Orleans, Louisiana, as well as enjoy some great jazz music along the way.

The institute I chose to attend centered around strategies to best serve and support students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  It focused on a positive, proactive approach to helping this ever-increasing population of students be successful in college and as they enter into the workforce once they have received their degrees.

Three presenters from colleges around the nation were there to guide us through the 2-day workshop.  We were able to discuss the many different ways that the services already offered on many campuses can come together to better serve our students.  Autism support groups, student engagement, study abroad, graduate school, high stakes testing, technology and entrepreneurship were just a few things that were discussed over the 2 days.

The heart of the matter is that we design specialized learning that benefits students diagnosed with ASD.  I am proud to say that Tech and the TECHniques Center, along with other campus collaborations, are on the up and up with our support to students on the spectrum.  We were able to bring back fresh ideas to only make these supportive efforts that much better!

I am looking forward to the things to come from our office and others within the Texas Tech community.

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